Fairchild Challenge Schools Work to Conserve Native Orchids through the Million Orchid Project 

Million Orchid Project: Beginning in 2012, Fairchild researchers and graduate students began to examine the plight of South Florida’s endangered, native orchids. They initiated the Million Orchid Project with the goal of propagating one million native orchid plants for reintroduction into South Florida’s urban landscapes.

Today, our region has countless suitable landscape trees for orchid reestablishment in schoolyards, roadways, and other public spaces. Within five years, we expect to have orchids in a wide variety of local urban settings, especially in the places where people live, work, and learn.

In our micropropagation lab, we are generating tens of thousands of native orchid plants with help from volunteers and university students. In local middle and high schools, students and teachers who participate in The Fairchild Challenge, micropropagate orchids and contribute to our research. This year, we have equipped more than 100 schools with mini botany labs, allowing students to grow and study orchids in their classroom.

For more information about this conservation initiative, please visit The Million Orchid Project.


To follow the students, visit The Fairchild Challenge Twitter Page.